Are all the colouring pages really free?

Yes! We¬†like free stuff and thought you might like free stuff too. BUT, our pages are free only for personal, non-commercial uses only. Please do not redistribute our colouring pages. If you’d like to share a colouring page(s) with a friend, please share the Hue Hippo link where you downloaded the page.

Why are all these colouring pages free?

I started doodling and illustrating colouring pages as a way to cope with the overwhelming feelings that come with the end of student life and stepping into actual adult life. I found out that loads of people go through similar emotions due to so many reasons and colouring can be a way to keep yourself occupied and de-stress. I decided to keep these colouring pages free so anyone looking for a bit of relaxation or a new hobby can have access to them. I de-stress by drawing these colouring pages. You can de-stress by colouring them in.

– Aysha Samrin, The girl who draws all these colouring pages

I’m not sure if my reason for download is “non-commercial”.

If you’re not making money from our free colouring pages, that usually means non-commercial use. But if you’re still in doubt email us at contact@huehippo.online.

I love your free colouring pages! How can I show my support?

Like us on Facebook! Tell your friends about us and share our colouring pages on social media linking it back to our website.

How do I know when you release new colouring pages?

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